Americas 1966-83


Here are photos from the United States, Latin America and South America that are not included elsewhere.

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N.C. 1971-72 / Panama 1972-76 / N.J. 1972 / Geyserville 1972 / St. Louis 1974 / Massachusetts 1974
The Bahamas 1974 / Massachusetts 1975 / Barbados 1975 / Guyana 1975 / Suriname 1975-76 / Trinidad 1976
Colombia 1976 / Ecuador 1976 / El Salvador 1976 / Green Acre 1978 / Ecuador 1982

Massachusetts and Harvard 1966-70

Members and activities of the Bahá’í Association at Harvard; and a meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Hand of the Cause Mr. Samandari in December 1967.

North Carolina 1971-72

While doing my military service requirement in the U.S. Public Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1971-73, I had a chance to participate in the exciting teaching projects that were taking place in the South at that time.

Panama 1972-76

The dedication of the Panamá House of Worship, April-May 1972; and some photos of the House of Worship taken in January 1976.

New Jersey 1972

Friends at a Bahá’í conference in Trenton, New Jersey, September-October 1972.

Geyserville Bahá’í School 1972

Photos of the Geyserville Bahá’í School in Geyserville, California, taken before the property was sold to make way for a highway. The current Bosch Bahá’í School was acquired in its place.

St. Louis 1974

Following Greg’s 1972-73 trip around the world visiting Bahá’í communities, he prepared a slide program featuring photos and music from that trip which opened the conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in August 1974. Here are Bahá’ís arriving at the conference venue.

Massachusetts 1974

Greg Dahl and Dawn Smith were married in Amherst, Massachusetts, in October 1974, with many of the Bahá’ís from the area attending. (Naturally, none of these photos were taken by Greg.)

The Bahamas 1974

Greg joined Mark Sadan and Truitt White on a teaching trip to Nassau in November 1974.

Massachusetts 1975

Greg and Dawn were living downstairs from Bahíyyih and Mary Nakhjavání in Florence, Massachusetts. Rúhíyyih Khánum came to visit in October 1975, along with Bahíyyih’s mother Violette, her brother Mehran, and her grandmother “Mamajan”. They posed in the back yard for photos.

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Greg and Dawn and their daughter Carrie travelled to the Caribbean and the northern part of South America between 22 December 1975 and 28 January 1976 to record and collect music by Bahá’ís. The published record album Con Ojos de Fe drawing on this and other sources, and the cassette tape Sing This Melody, can be heard here:

Con Ojos de Fe (With Eyes of Faith) (record album 1976) 53.09
All tracks (66MB) (See under the Music tab for details.)

Canta Esa Melodía / Sing This Melody
(cassette tape of music for children © (P) 1979 Gregory C. Dahl) 41.45
All tracks (76MB) (See under the Music tab for details.)

Barbados 1975

The first stop on our trip was Barbados.

Guyana 1975

In Guyana, we attended a Bahá’í youth camp where Counsellors Leonora Armstrong, Donald Witzel and Peter McLaren were speaking.

Suriname 1975-76

In Suriname, we were briefly in the Capital, Paramaribo, then travelled east to Albina on the border with French Guiana, then returned to the Paramaribo area where a number of meetings were held.

Trinidad 1976

Colombia 1976

Ecuador 1976

El Salvador 1976

Green Acre 1978

In 1978 I attended a session at the Green Acre Bahá’í School in Eliot, Maine, with my son Ian.

Quito, Ecuador international conference 1982

In 1982 Ian and I attended the International Bahá’í Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean in Quito, Ecuador. Before the conference we visited the grave of Hand of the Cause Dr. Mohájir and the Bahá’í radio station and institute in Otavalo.