Welcome to this site containing items of historical interest to Bahá’ís: photos of Bahá’í communities around the world, recordings of music by Bahá’ís, and some reminiscences and talks, mostly from the 1970s. These materials may be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes as long as the notice “© Gregory C. Dahl” is appended (unless otherwise noted on this website). Feel free to share the link to this site with other friends you think might be interested.

To download a photo, right click on the thumbnail image and choose “Save link as…” if you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, and “Save target as…” if you are using Internet Explorer or Edge. You can also open the slide show view by clicking on any thumbnail, and then right-click on the image and you should see an option like “Save image as”.  To download a recording, right-click on the title and choose “Save link as…”, or “Save target as…”.

The player for recordings has a play/pause button on the right. When you are playing a track, the file name is displayed, with the total time and play time in small numbers to the right. Under the title is the current play position and the download (buffer) display, and a volume control to the right. The buttons on the bottom include a drop-down list of the tracks, a button to display the whole player as a separate popup window, and a download button to download the current track to your computer. Here is an example:

Fire and Snow record album

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– Greg Dahl