Europe 1966-82


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Reli Pop 1971 / New Garden 1972 / Portugal, Spain and England 1973
Swedish Bahá’í Summer School 1974 / Germany 1974 / Dublin 1982

Norway Summer 1966

My brother Roger and I were invited my Knight of Bahá’u’lláh Loyce Lawrence to visit her at her pioneering post in the Lofoten Islands, off the coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle. The trip was called the first international Bahá’í youth project by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States.

The second to the last picture shows Roger and me viewing the sun at midnight. We travelled back through Sweden, Finland, Holland, Denmark and England. Click for our report on the trip, a letter from the Universal House of Justice and a letter from the U.S. National Spiritual Assembly.

Reli Pop in Denmark and Sweden November-December 1971

In late 1971, Reza Reyhani from Austria organized a music group, Reli Pop, that travelled in northern Europe. I came from the States with Linda Fields and Adrian Burns, who both stayed and settled in Europe. The European members were Thomas Spalteholz (now Aiff), Hugo van Haasterd and Eddie Kollaart.

Here are some of the songs of the Reli Pop group (31.14)
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New Garden July-August 1972
Youth Conferences in Padua, Italy, and Plön, Germany

In 1972 I was asked by the US National Teaching Committee to organize two music groups to travel around Europe. The groups were called The New Garden North and The New Garden South. We sang at the big youth conferences in Padua, Italy, and Plön, Germany. Right-click here for a list of the New Garden participants (pdf file).

Here is the closing session of the Plön conference with remarks by Hands of the Cause A. Mülschlegel, A.Q. Faizi and Enoch Olinga, two songs by the New Garden music groups, and a closing prayer by Mr. Faizi. (51.51) (See also under the Music and General tabs.)

Here is the last performance of the New Garden South group, in Hildesheim, Germany, August 1972 (59.05) (See also under the Music tab for more options.)

Songs by the New Garden North group, August 1972 (37.46)
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Portugal, Spain and England early August 1973

At the end of my round-the-world trip (see tabs for S. Pacific, Asia, and Africa), I stopped in Lisbon, Madrid and London.

Swedish Bahá’í Summer School July 1974

The Swedish Bahá’í Summer School in July 1974 with Hand of the Cause Ugo Giachery and his wife.

Germany July 1974

African Bahá’í Students in Lüneburg, Germany.

Dublin Conference June 1982

International Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 1982.

Music from the conference (Images International cassette IRL-13) (54.09)
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