The recordings below are from original or master tapes of record albums
and published tapes I produced, from recordings I made during my travels,
or from tapes that musicians and friends sent me.

All audio is in .mp3 format. Use the download button in the player to download the file the current track.
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Reli Pop  New Garden groups  Greg Dahl in Tehran  Bahá’ís Around the World Singing 1972-73 
Van Gilmer 1971  Program on the Feast 1972  Radio Bahá’í (Ecuador)  Dublin Conference 1982 
I Wouldn’t Miss the Chance  Charles Wolcott 

Fire and Snow (record album 1970) 46.57 All tracks (60MB)

Con Ojos de Fe (With Eyes of Faith) (record album 1976) 53.09
All tracks (66MB)

Can’t You See the New Day; Bahá’ís in the South 1970
(cassette tape, U.S. Bahá’í Publishing Trust 20-C-8004) 53.14
All tracks (41MB)

Canta Esa Melodía / Sing This Melody (Booklet with words)
(cassette tape of music for children © (P) 1979 Gregory C. Dahl) 41.45
All tracks (76MB)

Reli Pop (December 1971) 31.14  All tracks (40MB)
Music group organized by Reza Reyhani that toured northern Europe, consisting
of Linda Fields, Adrian Burns and Greg Dahl from the U.S., and Thomas
Spalteholz (now Aiff), Hugo van Haasterd and Eddie Kollaart from Europe.
(Tape courtesy of Reza Reyhani.)


Talisman (1972) 15.30  All tracks (15MB)
Members of the Reli Pop group Linda Fields, Adrian Burns, Thomas Spalteholz
(now Aiff) and Hugo van Haasterd formed a professional group called Talisman
and produced a record album (the first two tracks here).
(Tape courtesy of Reza Reyhani.)

In July and August of 1972, two American-organized Bahá’í singing groups, New Garden North and New Garden South,
toured Europe and sang at the Bahá’í conferences in Padova, Italy, and in Plön, Germany.
See under the Europe 1966-82 tab for photographs.

New Garden South (Hildesheim, August 1972) 59.05
All tracks (79MB)
This is a recording of the last concert by the New Garden South
group, in Hildesheim, Germany, on 24 August. The members of
the group at that time were Charles and Sandi Bullock, Greg Dahl,
Sheri Dressler, Bob Farley, Reinhart Meyer-Troeltsch, and Dan
music only:  


Mountain Song by Jon Anastasio (Luxembourg, summer 1972) 4.31

New Garden North group (summer 1972) 37.46 All tracks (48MB)
The members of the New Garden North group were Mike Wood,
Mark Harries, Steve Burleson and Jon Anastasio.

The New Garden groups closing the Youth Conference in Plön (August 1972) 6.14


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Greg Dahl (Tehran, April 1973) 34.49 All tracks (71MB)

Bahá’ís Around the World Singing 1972-73 (compiled by Greg Dahl) 1:23.33
All tracks (70MB)
Suhayl Safá’í, recorded in Iran, was imprisoned in October 1982
and martyred on 1 May 1983.

Van Gilmer at the Southern Maryland teaching conference (1971?) (19.40)
All tracks 15MB

Program on the Feast for radio, Raleigh N.C., January 1972 (11.41)
Charles & Sandi Bullock, Fereydoun Jalali and Greg Dahl,
songs by Fereydoun Jalali

Music of Radio Bahá’í (Ecuador) (36.00)

Music from the Dublin International Conference 1982 (June 1982) (54.09)
(Images International cassette IRL-13)
All tracks 43MB

I Wouldn’t Miss the Chance, a musical play by Mildred N. McClellan (47.38)
(recorded 26 August 1967; from a reel-to-reel copy of the original)
All 4 scenes 37MB

Yeast, a musical drama by Mildred N. McClellan
Performed in Cambridge, Mass. 9 June 1974 (1h24) MP3 file 98MB

Performed at Green Acre, 11 August 1974 (1h24) MP3 file 100MB
Also performed at the St. Louis conference in August 1974,
of which there is unfortunately no recording.

Other music by Mimi McClellan can be found at Her musical play The Education of Henry Halifax can be downloaded for free from

Music of Charles Wolcott (later a member of the Universal House of Justice)
including From the Sweet-scented Streams and Blessed Is the Spot (17.12)
Charles Wolcott at the piano and Val Sage singing (recorded 16 June 1957
in the home of Joyce & Arthur Dahl; from the reel-to-reel original)
All 4 tracks 12MB